Subsea Awareness Course


Glenn Tucker Subsea Awareness Course PresenterGlenn Tucker, Owner, Blackfin Offshore LLC

Glenn Tucker holds a masters degree in ocean engineering from Florida Atlantic University and is the Vice President of Engineering at Blackfin Offshore.  He has over 12 years of experience working in the offshore oil and gas industry primarily with subsea pipeline installation and design.  Prior to Blackfin he was the engineering manager at GMC Deepwater where he assisted in design and fabrication of a 1700m water depth mining and oversaw all subsea , vessel modification, installation, and heavy lift engineering.   In total he has been involved with either the construction, design, or installation engineering  of over 100 pipelines across the globe working with both shallow and deep water installation contractors. 

Peter Moles, Director of Emerging Technology, Oceaneering International Inc.

Peter Moles has been with Oceaneering for over 25 years filling multiple management and technical roles with most product and service businesses. He is currently Director of Emerging Technology with responsibilities for integrating new technology into product development. He was Director of Engineering for Oceaneering Umbilical Solutions with worldwide responsibility for project engineering and product development and prior, Worldwide Chief Engineer with OIE as manager of the Special Projects Group as well other engineering and operational positions. He is a graduate from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and is Professional Engineer registered in Texas and is a Project Management Professional. 

Subsea Awareness Course presenter Tim Lowry
Tim Lowry, Chief Engineer, Subsea Processing Technologies and R&D, TechnipFMC

Tim Lowry has held a variety of technical roles during his 15+ years of experience working in upstream / process engineering. His is currently Chief Engineer, Subsea Processing, for the Technologies and R&D group at TechnipFMC in Houston, TX. Prior to his current role, Tim was Principal Subsea Process Engineer at Genesis Oil and Gas Consultants (a TechnipFMC subsidiary), providing support for subsea projects with a primary focus on the development and deployment of emerging technology.

SUT Subsea Awareness Course Speaker
Ashutosh Kak, Genesis Oil and Gas

Ashutosh has work experience with development planning, process engineering, and flow assurance groups. Ashutosh has been managing a large team of development planning, and production assurance professionals whilst consulting on projects as advisor. 

Ashutosh has conducted and lead various oil and gas engineering studies in development planning, operating scenario evaluation, specifying equipment design criteria, creating and reviewing technical documents. Ashutosh’s project experience includes managing studies from concept screening phase to helping asset teams in bench-marking, and troubleshooting. His project experiences include projects from US Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, Latin America, and India. 

Jake Keel Subsea Awareness Course
Jake Keel, Subsea Technical Services Engineer, BP

As a Subsea Technical Services Engineer, Jake supports a range of key subsea development projects by maintaining technical customer relationships across the Subsea sector in the region. Jake has a key role in supporting the Americas Subsea Sales team, supporting the Global Subsea Technical Services offer, and providing regional subsea technical support.

Michael Zaldivar Subsea Awareness Course

Michael Zaldivar, President and founder, Evoleap

Dr. Zaldivar has worked in flow assurance and real-time flow assurance systems for 16 years. In 2013, he represented BP as the multiphase flow and flow assurance expert in federal court during the Quantification phase of the Macondo trial. In 2012, he co-founded evoleap, a flow assurance company that offers consulting services and software to the upstream oil and gas market.

Christopher Curran, Speaker for SUT-US Subsea Awareness CourseChristopher Curran, Senior Consultant, CJC Enterprises

Christopher Curran is an independent consultant, having recently retired from BP where he was an Advisor within the Upstream Facilities Technology group.  He has worked in the areas of subsea condition monitoring and integrity management and has been active in developing subsea wireless communication technology.  His work covers many aspects of subsea systems and controls and he is a focal point within the industry for the development of High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems for application in the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere.  He is Chairman of API 17F Subsea Controls, API 17O HIPPS and API 17V for Subsea Safety.   He has over 30 years’ experience within the industry.  Christopher has a degree in Physics from Bristol University and is founding Chairman of the Society for Underwater Technology’s Houston Branch.  He is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Society for Underwater Technology and of the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Wayne Chenoweth, Mechanical Engineer, TechnipFMC

Wayne attended the University of Houston from January 2006 to 2010 and received a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering and also a Master’s degree in Subsea Engineering in 2016.  Wayne began working with FMC Technologies in January 2008, in the University of Houston Design Center (UHDC).  In June 2010 Wayne was hired (full-time) into the FMC Chokes group.  In the Chokes group Wayne managed choke projects from initial design to field installation, performed on site engineering support for choke issues and designed chokes and interfaces for subsea applications.  In early 2012 Wayne transitioned into the chokes technical sales position.  This included working directly with FMC customers and project teams to develop and establish choke specifications during the quotation customer agreement phase.  In early 2013, Wayne transitioned to the Well Completions Systems (WCS) group from the Choke Product Group, at which time Wayne was assigned the Product Responsible Engineer (PRE) role for WCS Tubing Hangers.  In mid-2014, Wayne transitioned into the WCS Quotes Group.  Wayne is still currently in the WCS quotes group and is responsible for coordinating and working with the central tender team and system engineer to release all preliminary specifications, preliminary structured BOM's and preliminary layouts for new WCS projects.  In addition to the preliminary releases, Wayne is also responsible for submitting the WCS PMPE CTR, Technical Assessment Plans and Design Review Minutes for all WCS preliminary releases.

Subsea Awareness Course Presenter Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson, Internal Consultant, Chevron

Steve has over 30 years’ experience in the design and construction of floating and subsea production systems. He currently works for Chevron as an internal consultant, advising major offshore projects. Previously, he worked for major offshore engineering contractors, and subsea equipment suppliers. He has his Mechanical Engineering Degree, is a UK Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, Member of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects, a SUT Fellow, and Vice-Chair of Houston SUT’s Subsea Engineering and Operations Committee. His work has included the design of subsea systems worldwide, including those for; North Sea, West of Shetlands, Mediterranean, East Canada, Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, West Australia, Brazil, and Asia.

Joseph Noska SUT-US Speaker

Joseph Noska, Installation Engineer, TechnipFMC

Joseph graduated from Texas A&M University in December 2010 and received a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He began working with Houston Service Industries, Inc. testing multistage and high speed turbo blowers for wastewater industry, ensuring blowers met specification requirements in accordance with ASME test codes, and performing field installations and repairs across the U.S. In August 2012 he joined TechnipFMC with the MPS installation engineering team (jumpers, manifold, pressure caps, SFLs, HFLs), and a year later he began working on completion systems as an installation engineer in 2013 (trees, tubing hangers, intervention systems). Joseph is interested in being a leader and sharing knowledge with others, thus ensuring the technical knowledge can be passed down to future engineers and technicians in the offshore oil & gas industry.

Eric Stagner Principal Manifolds Engineer TechnipFMC

Eric Stagner, Principal Manifold Engineer, TechnipFMC

Eric has an Aerospace Engineering degree from Texas A&M University. For 7 years he worked as a contractor for the Shuttle program doing dynamic analysis for cargo traveling in the space shuttle cargo bay, and for the last 7 years he has been with TechnipFMC as a Manifold Project Engineer designing manifold and interconnecting systems for projects run by Shell, Exxon, BP, Tullow and Chevron. Currently, he is the Principal Manifold Engineer for the Manifolds and Interconnecting group where he oversees all manifold projects that the team executes and attends all design reviews. He also reviews manifold specifications.

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