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Starts: Thu, Sep 20, 2018 11:30 AM
Ends: Thu, Sep 20, 2018 12:30 PM
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Marine Assurance Seminar & WebinarSubsea activities continue to advance, with more efficiency, at greater depth and in ever more hostile environments. With emerging technologies, such as big data, blockchain, AI the boundaries will continue to be pushed at pace and our energy industry will embrace, innovate and subsea activities generally with surely benefit. The success of that delivery is interwoven with the quality of the delivery platform, often a ship.  In years gone by a moored barge would be used requiring expensive mooring arrangements and costly deployment and recovery, in latter years there has been a growing emergence of dynamically positioned (DP) vessels, which are now the norm. DP allows us to work in deeper waters and without costly mobilization and demobilization. These vessels merely go on location and stop there holding position and heading automatically using its own thrust. For subsea projects and interventions, DP Vessels make the most convenient taxi and straightforward A to B. Perfect. But, how can these vessels effect subsea activities, are they fallible and what is the effect of many having been laid up for extended periods, often without maintenance in recent years due to the downturn.
The truth is that DP Vessels do lose position, often unexpectedly and have caused damage as a result. Marine Assurance is about understanding that risk, taking sensible precautions and knowing the potential impact and what to do if things go wrong.

This luncheon will talk about some recent incidents, their causes and effects and we will introduce the subject of Marine Assurance and what steps may be taken to ensure that your project is not given undue exposure from the taxi that is just getting you there. 

Who should attend
Those who need the support of ships to install, maintain, repair and decommission subsea activities. The purpose being to understand the risk posed by vessels to the integrity of their project and the barriers that should be in place.

Professionals whom it might help are:
  • Subsea Project Managers
  • Subsea Engineers / Management who want an appreciation of the limitations of the marine platform they may be relying upon.
  • Those who may be onboard a vessel during a project so they understand what is happening and the questions to ask prior to critical activities.
  • Those with Risk or Health and Safety responsibility.
At the end of the presentations attendees will know what basic questions should be asked and when they should be asking for specialist marine support.

About the Presenter
Mat Bateman Marine Assurance Presentation
Mat Bateman
Senior Partner / Marine Consultant

Mat's career started in 1988 as an apprentice with BP Shipping. For the following eight years sailing on oil and gas tankers. In 1996, the first of a few direction changes took him into the Marine Navigation System Industry, somewhere along the way taking a time out to attend University and gain a degree in Electronic and Electrical Systems. After spending some time managing the English Governments sector of the IALA Differential GPS navigation system he had a shift of gears into managing engineering delivery for a failing manufacturer that provided a roller coaster ride. Three years on in 2008 a tap on the shoulder came from Consultancy and he has been applying his experience in the sector ever since mostly in the DP field but often in mission critical activities and subsea equipment. He has acted as Expert Witness in legal disputes and is highly regarded in his field of practice. Since January 2017 he has run his own Consultancy, Keelson Marine Assurance based in Houston Texas.


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September 2018
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