Upcoming Board Elections

SUT Young Professionals

SUT-US YPs Board members are a group of professionals dedicated to underwater technology and science with less than 10 years of professional experience. Our goal is to provide a forum to encourage cooperation among young professionals within the offshore industry, and we are broadly focused on professional and personal development, networking, entrepreneurship, education, and community outreach. Landing a role in the board of a reputable professional organization is the goal of many young professionals looking to enhance their network. SUT-US YP provides new members and volunteers an opportunity to be a part of this growing community of dynamic professionals in the offshore industry.

Learn to leverage leadership skills and collaborate with industry experts. More information on the SUT-US YP committee can be found in  https://sut-us.org/Committees/SUT-Young-Professionals

Position descriptions:

Chair To call and chair meetings, to act as official spokesperson for the SUT-US YP in all matters, to make themselves available to all SUT-US YP members, and maintain constant communication of Presidential activities pertaining to SUT-US YP business with the Executive Board and the general membership
Vice-Chair To serve as the Chair in his or her absence or as otherwise designated by the Chair.  Additionally, to arrange the SUT-US YP calendar for each semester, arrange for guest speakers for SUT-US YP meetings, attend to speaker hospitality, and draft “Thank You” notes to guest speakers (which will also be signed by the Chair and other board members of SUT-US YP). 
Secretary To update the constitution each year, record minutes and attendance at all Officer and General meetings, prepare the flyers for chapter meetings, maintain current member list, and notify members of upcoming events.
Treasurer To manage all monetary matters of the SUT-US YP and to provide an updated report of the Organization’s finances at the general meetings and at the meetings of the SUT-US YP representatives, as well as maintain constant communication of Treasurer activities pertaining to SUT-US YP business with the Executive Board. 
Mentoring Program Coordinator To promote and recruit mentors, help mentees connect with mentors, provide guidance for web based portal as needed, and follow up with program participants twice yearly. Contact Patricia Varela
Other positions Logistics, marketing, communications, outreach, student chapter liason, social director, other.

How to apply?
  1. Prepare a 3 to 4 slide PPT with a Statement of Qualification (SOQ) describing: Name, aspired board position, technical background, brief introduction of the candidate, previous experience relevant to the board position, and proposed mision/vision for 2020-2022 period.
  2. Send SOQ of candidacy to current SUT-US YP at communications@sut-us.org no later than 05/20/2020.
Important Dates:
  • Meeting to present SOQ on 05/21/2020 - Time and Venue: TBD
  • Online election from 05/21/2020 to 05/29/2020
We look forward to welcoming you into SUT-YP Community and the 2020-2022 Board.

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