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Society for Underwater Technology in the U.S.

Dan has near twenty years of experience in marine geology and geophysics- mostly for industry projects.
He specializes in high resolution surveys, geochemical, and geotechnical data in support of offshore engineering and drilling operations. He has also contributed to the recognition of gas hydrate phenomena in seismic data. Gas hydrates (clathrates of natural gas and water) are currently being investigated as a potential unconventional hydrocarbon resource. In 2003, Dan started AOA Geophysics’ Houston-based geohazard consulting group. Dan and his team assisted the US Department of Energy to prospect for gas hydrate deposits in sands in the Gulf of Mexico culminating the landmark Leg II expedition in the Gulf of Mexico in 2009. He and other principals sold AOA Geophysics to Fugro in 2011.
Dan is currently responsible for facilitating Offshore G&G&G projects for Fugro including gas hydrate hazard and resource projects, seabed mining, and smart geochemical surveys.
Additionally, some of his hobbies are cycling, camping, BBQ, live music, and the arts.

Current Position at SUT

Member, Communications Committee
Member, School Touring Committee
Member, Short Courses Committee


Bachelors in History, University of Texas at Austin
Bachelors of Science in Geology, University of Texas at Austin

Professional Interests
Among his research interests are gas hydrates, identifying producible deposits from seismic data and manifestation of upper petroleum system in marine environments; and Seabed seepage, understanding seabed seepage as part of upper petroleum system in marine environments.

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