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Daniel McConnell
Global Product Manager, Gas Hydrates and Marine Minerals, Fugro
Dan McConnell is a marine geologist at Fugro with over 20 years of experience with main areas of interest in seafloor mapping and geochemistry surveys, deepwater site characterization, marine mineral exploration, and methane hydrate exploration. In 2003, Dan started AOA Geophysics’ Houston-based geohazard consulting group. He and other principals sold AOA Geophysics to Fugro in 2011. Dan participated in the site selection and science party in the landmark Chevron-US Department of Energy gas hydrate drilling expedition (Leg II) in the Gulf of Mexico. Among numerous industry and scientific cruises, Dan was able to go offshore on the MarMine seafloor massive sulfide exploration cruise on the Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge in 2016 and lead the geoscience team on the NORI 2018 Geophysical and Mineral Sampling Survey for polymetallic nodules in the Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone. Dan has authored over 65 technical papers and articles and has been issued two patents. Dan currently serves on the U.S. Department of Energy Methane Hydrate Advisory Committee and on the Board of Directors of the Offshore Technology Conference.  His hobbies include cycling, camping, BBQ, live music, and the arts.

Current Position at SUT

Member, Communications Committee
Member, School Touring Committee
Member, Short Courses Committee


Bachelors in History, University of Texas at Austin
Bachelors of Science in Geology, University of Texas at Austin

Professional Interests
Among his research interests are gas hydrates, identifying producible deposits from seismic data and manifestation of upper petroleum system in marine environments; and Seabed seepage, understanding seabed seepage as part of upper petroleum system in marine environments.

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