Amber Sturrock

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Amber Sturrock
Strategy and Planning Analyst/Greenfield & Brownfield Major Capital Projects
15 years of experience

Amber Sturrock SUT-US Mentor3 years completions and workover experience, 12 years MCP / operations support spanning subsea, pipelines, project engineering support, over 1 year in strategy and planning supporting Chevron's Gulf of Mexico exploration and production activities. Most frequently at work I support communications within our operating unit as well as synopsis of activities upwards within the Chevron organization.

Something about me:
"As a mid career professional, I am rising to the challenge of working from home during a during a global pandemic, being a supportive spouse (who seems to have an overfull work plate), parenting two small kids, trying to maintain my existing friends and also maintain a sense of normalcy. I may not be on top of every aspect of those buckets, but I am trying my best. Looking back to college, I wanted to study engineering so that I "wouldn't have to take English classes" - big fail as my job centers almost totally around my ability to have a strong command of the written and spoken language. Active membership in professional societies has also helped me to be a better leader and be much more empathetic to the challenges of life."
The best advice I’ve received…
"Treat others how they want to be treated. Check out this article I wrote a few years back for more ideas:"
What can I contribute as a Mentor?
"My time and out of the box creative thinking."
Preferences and availability:
I am willing to mentor 2 young professionals or students on weekdays once a month, remotely. However, the frequency and length of mentoring sessions will be an agreement between Mentor and Mentee.

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