Jan Robert van Smirren

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Jan Robert van Smirren
Metocean Consultant, Ocean sierra llc
30 years of experience

Jan van Smirren SUT-US Mentor
Mr. van Smirren B.Sc., M.Sc. has gained over 35 years of experience in commercial oceanography. Mr. van Smirren is a Consultant Oceanographer with Ocean Sierra LLC, prior to this he was Partnership Managing Director for the Energy Sector at British Maritime Technology, and previously occupied global and regional senior management positions in the UK, Singapore and USA with Fugro. His oceanographic experience has seen him undertake studies in the North and South Atlantic, South China Sea, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean. This has included both field measurement and monitoring system campaigns and the detailed analysis and interpretation of data.

Mr. van Smirren pioneered the use of ADCP’s in mainstream commercial oceanography starting in the mid 1980s with rig based ADCP measurements, which continues today. Further successes include: the first ROV-based real-time current profile monitoring system (RovADCP); the first purpose designed real-time current profile monitoring system for seismic survey vessels (SeisADCP); and web-based real-time database and display software for geospatial real-time metocean measurements. Mr. van Smirren was responsible to for the collaborative development of the first commercially available airborne remote ocean current imaging system (ROCIS).

Something about me:
"When you are in your early career, having a good manager is very important, I will explain why when we talk."

The best advice I’ve received…
"Start with good data!"

What can I contribute as a Mentor?
"Guidance to young professionals and students on career opportunities and development, provide networking opportunities."

Preferences and availability:
I am willing to mentor 2 students or young professionals 2 times a month during weekdays or weekends, remotely or in person. However, the frequency and length of mentoring sessions will be an agreement between Mentor and Mentee.

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