Tricia Hill

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Tricia Hill
Technical Sales / Business Development / Women in Industry
23 years of experience

I have been in the oil and gas industry for 23 years. About half my career in engineering, half in business development and management. I worked at GE Wellstream for 18 years in API 17J flexible pipe. I am recently acting as an independent consultant on flexible pipe projects and renewable energy initiatives.

The best advice I’ve received…
"When I was transitioning into my 1st senior management role, I was struggling to see eye to eye with one of the executive team members. I sought advice from another executive team member that had known that individual for much longer than I. His advice: "Tricia, if you were both the same, one of you would not be necessary." This simple advice set me free to continue even if it felt like opposition. My participation in the senior management team was unique and important. I shed concern for likeability and continued to present my ideas with confidence."

What can I contribute as a Mentor?
As a mentor, I can help in the following areas:
  • Technical sales
  • Executive level communications
  • Work/life balance
  • Women in industry
Preferences and availability:
I am willing to mentor young professionals once a month during weekdays or weekends, remotely or in person. However, the frequency and length of mentoring sessions will be an agreement between Mentor and Mentee.

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