9th International OSIG Conference: Student Poster Competition

Starts: Fri, May 19, 2023 9:00 AM CST
Ends: Fri, May 19, 2023 5:00 PM CST
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Deadline Extended to May 19, 2023

This competition aims to showcase interesting technical innovations in the fields of offshore Geoscience and Geotechnical Engineering linked to the SUT OSIG 2023 conference themes (described overleaf) that have been developed by students globally during their study.

Competition Briefing and Rules
The competition will comprise of global Regional Heats and a Grand Final, with competition submissions and timelines taking the form of:
  • Regional poster entry abstracts of up to 200 words shall be submitted by 1200hrs (GMT) May 19, 2023 via email to osig2023@sut.org using the standard form supplied.
  • The Regional Heat Judging Panel, appointed by the relevant OSIG Committee, screens abstracts and selects ten Regional Finalists. Regional Finalists will be notified by email by Friday 28th April.
  • Regional Finalists shall electronically submit a high-quality print A0 size poster in PDF format on their chosen abstract subject to the relevant OSIG Committee by Friday 2nd June 2023, and prepare a PowerPoint presentation of up to five slides on their work.
  • Regional Finalists will be invited to present their work to the judging panel remotely, with a strict five-minute time slot via a Teams meeting link during June 2023. Presentation sessions will be held globally within the same two week block (dates TBA).
  • Regional Judging Panels will select two winners from each region who will progress to the Grand Final. Judging will be based on the quality of the poster submitted & oral presentation.
  • The Six finalists’ posters (two from each region) shall be displayed at the conference in London. The SUT shall print these posters to avoid anyone having to transport them.
  • The Six finalists will also present their work in person, again within a five-minute slot, at the OSIG 2023 conference in London on Tuesday 12th September 2023 • The Grand Final judging panel will then select a winner and two runners up. The winner will have the opportunity to present their work to the conference at a designated slot.
Global Regional Heats will be administered by SUT OSIG Committee’s according to:
  • Asia Pacific (OSIG Perth)
  • America’s (N, C & S America, and Canada) (OSIG Houston)
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa (OSIG Europe)
As stated, the prize money will be awarded to the three most interesting and technically innovative poster presentations in the fields of offshore Geoscience and Geotechnical Engineering taken from the SUT OSIG conference themes. The prize money pot of £3000 shall be split as one first prize of £1500 and two runners-up prizes of £750.

Eligible Students:

Active students who are studying up to Doctoral level (i.e., Batchelors, Masters or Doctoral level study), and remain enrolled with their institution at the time of the regional finals (see below).

Competition Rules
  • In all cases the judging panel’s decision will be final and regional judging panels will be selected from the relevant OSIG committee and / or conference Scientific Committee
  • English shall be adopted for all posters and presentations
  • Posters are submitted by individual students on a one poster submission per student basis, and it must be the students own work
  • Poster entries can be related to papers submitted to the main conference
  • Multiple entries are welcome from any individual academic institution
  • As stated, A0 size posters shall be produced on any of the conference offshore energy themes
  • Grand Finalists must be prepared to travel to London for the conference September 2023
  • Whilst sponsorship will be sought to support travel costs, students may have to self-fund a proportion or all the travel and accommodation costs
  • Students will have to obtain any necessary Visa’s to enter the UK and fund any associated visa costs, plus sundry expenses

OSIG 2023 Conference Themes:

  1. New regions, geology and geotechnics
  2. Advances in geoscientific data acquisition
  3. Advances in geoscientific processing
  4. Advances in geotechnical investigation
  5. Advances in AI for offshore geotechnology
  6. Underground carbon capture andstorage
  7. Seabed slopes and slides
  8. Hydrates, shallow gas and seepage
  9. Seismic hazards and tsunamis
  10. Data integration and ground modelling
  11. Learning from offshore incidents
  12. Foundation research and design
  13. Optimisation and performance-based design
  14. Monopile design, installation and performance
  1. Jacket pile design, installation and performance
  2. Suction installed foundations
  3. Gravity based foundations
  4. Jack up foundations
  5. Floating system anchoring and foundations
  6. Cyclic and seismic loading of foundations
  7. Scour assessment and monitoring
  8. Pipeline and cable engineering
  9. Seabed interaction of dynamic cables and risers
  10. Environmental and anthropogenic impacts of engineering
  11. Decommissioning and clean-up
  12. Engineering for climate change
  13. Near coastal geotechnical engineering
  14. Seabed mineral extraction

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