SUT-US Call for Volunteers!

Starts: Fri, Nov 4, 2022 8:00 AM CST
Ends: Sat, Dec 31, 2022 5:00 PM CST
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Have you been looking for a volunteer opportunity? SUT-US has several available volunteer positions open for you to join!

Technical Coordinator:
We are looking for someone who can help expand SUT’s presence and participation in 2023 regional industry conferences. Examples include organizing:
  • a delegation of Young Professionals (YPs) and/or students
  • a poster competition
  • a pre-conference workshop
  • any other creative idea you may have

It should be noted that the technical coordinator is not responsible for any administrative functions necessary for conferences. All administrative tasks will be taken care of by our event coordinator.

Technical Coordinator Q&A:
  • What is the expected commitment time? We estimate that the coordinator will volunteer approximately 6 hours per month
  • How many conferences are planned for 2023? SUT plans to participate in 5 conferences for 2023

If you’re interested in volunteering for technical conference coordinator, please contact; or Tricia Hill, SUT-US Chair, 832-277-3831,

School Touring Committee:
Volunteers who join the School Touring Committee will have the opportunity to enthuse middle school and high school students about STEM subjects in Houston and surrounding areas. The outreach program will allow you to engage with students by talking about your personal career path, participating in classroom exercises, and presenting materials about ocean, earth, and space science topics.


School Touring Volunteers Q&A:
  • How do you prepare for presentations? Prior to presenting, you will be invited to attend a training led by committee chair, Andrew Haigh. In addition, we will share the presentation with you in advance so that you may review the material in your spare time.
  • What is the expected commitment time? Each presentation typically runs for about 40-50 minutes. We ask that you try to commit a day or minimum of 1/2 a day at one of our planned school touring events.
  • What background knowledge do you need? There is no strict requirement, but a basic science background is necessary. We have had accepted volunteers with various backgrounds including ocean scientists, astronomers, archaeologists, civil engineers, geologists, marine project managers, geophysicists, and more.
  • To view a more detailed presenters guide, please download the pdf below

If you’re interested in joining the School Touring Committee, please contact the outreach program team lead: Andrew Haigh, Geophysical Manager, Ocean Geo Solutions Inc. 713-823-4840,

SUT HQ Training Committee
The Training Committee, led by the UK branch, is currently seeking volunteers to join their board for upcoming years. The committee focuses primarily on finding ways to enhance and develop trainings offered within the various SUT branches. In addition, the board provides a forum to discuss training-related issues in greater detail.

SUT HQ Training Q&A
  • Is the committee focused on trainings within UK branches? Although led by the UK branch, the committee is composed of members from all over the globe and has an international focus. They aim to improve all SUT branches!
  • What is the expected commitment time? The committee will hold online, quarterly meetings that will run for a maximum of 2 hours each. Special initiatives outside the committee meetings may require a commitment time of 4-6 hours per month. While the term duration is not fixed, we ask that volunteers try to commit for a minimum 2-year period.
  • Are their any other requirements to join? The training committee membership is drawn from current SUT members. You must be member of one of the SUT branches to join. Click here for SUT-US membership information.

If you’re interested in joining the Training Committee, please contact:


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