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Society for Underwater Technology in the U.S.

John Howes
Editor, UT2/UT3

The magazine of the Society for Underwater Technology

ISSN 1752-0592

The most important part of any magazine is its readership. That is why UT? stands out ahead of its peers. Its core readership: the members of the Society for Underwater Technology, the most influential and active society of its type. The magazine is also represented at all the many exhibitions around the world at which the Society both co-organises and attends. Furthermore, the magazine is distributed at the many subsea training courses that are organised by the Society, ensuring tomorrows engineers and technologists are included. It goes out to academic bodies and libraries around the world. It will be distributed at branch meetings in Australia and Houston.

Some subsea magazines concentrate on niche areas to the virtual exclusion of everything else. Conversely, broad-spectrum magazines are read by people from a wide range of disciplines many of which, by definition, are uninterested in underwater issues. UT? however, is positioned to cover a focused range of underwater subjects including offshore, marine renewables, subsea engineering, ocean resources, diving and manned submersibles, underwater science and robotics.

Looking to the future, a campaign is underway to expand the readership. To find out more, visit the UT2 Magazine website.

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Full individual and named corporate members receive this magazine free as part of their membership.

This dynamic quarterly publication will feature stories ranging from offshore engineering, marine renewables, subsea engineering and structures, to ocean resources, diving and manned submersibles, mariculture, underwater tourism, underwater science and robotics. It is designed to complement its sister publication Underwater Technology, which will continue to be the premier authoritative peer-reviewed journal. 

UT2 will examine new technological developments while also covering application stories of existing systems. It will be a technology transfer conduit, a platform to communicate research ideas, a channel between like-minded underwater technologists on a world stage. It will discuss contemporary industry issues, such the need to address potential skills shortages, university and institutional research, ultra-deepwater matters etc. 

The weight of articles will broadly refl ect the diversity of disciplines prevalent within the SUT. We will shortly publish a forthcoming features list, which will better represent the Special Interest Groups that form the loci of the Society s activities. These feature topics will also tie in with themes of various conferences and exhibitions around the world which the Society attends. An important part of UT2 will be a section governing the activities of the various SUT branches both social and technical meetings. 

A keynote of the Society is the calibre of its members. It is intended therefore to have a recruitment section, where members can either display their business cards or where companies wishing to recruit can provide details of employment opportunities. 

It is also intended that a section of smaller, low-cost adverts featuring website home pages will enable smaller companies to promote themselves and their contact details. 

While UT2 will go out to all SUT members and be distributed at global functions, work is also underway to extend the circulation to include qualified non-members. If you have a work colleague or client who you think would benefit from receiving UT2, please send contact details and affiliation, and we will do the rest. 

We intend to set up a website which will contain information about the magazine, selection of previous issues, features lists, events calendar, recruitment section and a directory of companies involved in the subsea sector. 

UT2 is a resource for SUT members. It is still at a developmental stage so if you wish to add your comments or infl uence its growth, please get in touch with me or the SUT head office.

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