Benefits of Corporate Membership

Become a Member

You will enjoy the benefits of networking through branch membership, speaker luncheons, seminars, courses and conferences on topical subjects for everyone from top executives to new graduates and students. Up-to-date information is shared on developments in technology, engineering and science through regular mailings of events information, the SUT Journal, UT2 and the members newsletter. Mailings are sent to between 6 and 20 members of your organization, depending on its size.

  • Networking through branch membership; regular meetings in Houston and at branch locations worldwide; courses, seminars and conferences on topical subjects for everyone from top executives to new graduates and students
  • Significant discounts on fees for SUT conferences, seminars, speaker luncheons and other events sponsored by SUT.
  • Publications including more than 35 volumes of conference proceedings and abstracts or collected papers from conferences
  • Free listings of your company in SUT publicity material, a free Yearbook entry.
  • The opportunity to publicize your company's latest products and services in the SUT News.
  • Participation in specialist groups with representatives of industry, academia and government, as well as other individuals, addressing subjects within the SUT interest areas
  • Up-to-date information on developments in technology, engineering and science posted on the SUT Corp. website and the SUT journal Underwater Technology, available electronically online and in printed format, and the members’ magazine, UT2 and e-magazine UT3 – also more than 40 volumes of conference proceedings and collected abstracts or papers from seminars are available
  • Membership directories of both individual and corporate members in the SUT Members’ Yearbook that enable informed access to other members – a free detailed listing for your organisation will be included in the printed Corporate Members’ Directory and on the SUT website, incorporating links into your organization’s website
  • An extensive programme of events including conferences, seminars, evening meetings, discussion forums, technical visits, workshops and courses – all of which are relevant to CPD
  • Significant discounts for all your organisation’s staff on fees for SUT and co-sponsored events, publications and advertising
  • Publicity for your organization through sponsorship of evening meetings, seminars and SUT annual awards for achievement and excellence in an area of underwater technology, ocean science or offshore engineering.

Who are the Corporate Members. What is SUT Pages

More than 160 industrial and commercial organisations, research establishments, government departments and academic institutions reflect their interest in underwater technology, ocean science and engineering by becoming Corporate Members of the Society.

The SUT offers communication and specialist information focused on events, publications and special interest groups. A Corporate organization can involve its key employees in any of these activities and enjoy all the benefits.

Our corporate member directory is known as SUT Pages on the HQ site. Visit it here.

Membership Subscription Rates

Subscription rates for Corporate membership of SUT are defined according to the size of the organization and the number of technical, scientific and managerial staff with an involvement in underwater technology, ocean science and offshore engineering. The category appropriate to any Corporate Member organization is agreed by discussion between the Society and the organization, after proposing a category selected from the list below. Current subscription rates are listed below:

Membership Type Price
Corporate Academic $470.00
Corporate Small (<20 Technical Staff) $950.00
Corporate Medium (<59 Technial Staff) $1,900.00
Corporate National (<250 Technical Staff) $3,600.00
Corporate International (>250 Technical Staff) $5,950.00

Terms of Participation in SUT

Only named members will receive SUT mailing literature, but there is no limit to the numbers of staff who can enjoy the corporate benefits of discount and participation in SUT activities. However, only one SUT Representative is the main point of contact for membership administration purposes and only this representative may vote on behalf of the member company.

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