Scholarship Awards Ceremony 2022


SUT-US is excited to announce the recipients of the 2022-2023 SUT scholarships. Each of the six hardworking and deserving students have demonstrated a passion for Underwater Technology and academic excellence. SUT is happy to support each of the students as they follow their endeavors and continue their postsecondary education. Recipients will be officially awarded during the online Scholarship Awards Ceremony on September 9th, beginning at 5:30 pm U.S. CT. If you would like to attend, please confirm your attendance by emailing to receive an event link.

The 2022-2023 SUT-US scholarships were awarded to the following students:

Sara Stewart, Fishery Biology, Texas A&M University Oceanography, Texas A&M University

Sara is a PhD fisheries biologist candidate who was recently chosen to serve at The Louisiana Better Bycatch Reduction Device (BRD) Project, introduced by Sea Grant. The initiative has allowed her and many others to explore BRDs within the Gulf shrimping industry while having the opportunity to participate in a graduate studies program. Sara explains that the SUT scholarship will “assist with the loose ends a returning student will inevitably run into” and that the funds “goes further than many realize”.


Dominic Bush, Maritime Archaeology, East Carolina University

Maritime Archaeologist PhD candidate, Dominic, is currently enrolled in East University's Coastal Resource Management Program. Throughout his previous educational experiences, he has taken advantage of opportunities to participate in underwater archaeological projects in North Carolina and throughout the Pacific Ocean. Currently, Dominic explains, that his research is “focused on the management of submerged World War II sites, particularly as it relates to effects of corrosion and microorganisms”.

Lindsay Wentzell, Maritime Studies, East Carolina University

Lindsay is a third-year PhD Maritime Studies candadite who attends East Carolina University. Her graduate studies program has allowed her the opportunity to explore her research interests of marine resource extraction methods. Lindsay explains how her present studies is focued on “examining the reaction of 19th century Provincetown maritime industry to a decline in whaling” and investigating “adaptive efforts for self-preservation, such as ‘plum pudding’ voyages”.

Peter Komolafe, Hydrographic Science, University of Southern Mississippi 

Peter is currently pursuing his masters degree in Hydrographic Science at The University of Southern Mississippi. Prior to enrolling in the program, Peter was involved in various spatial studies where he conducted geophysical surveys off the Gulf of Guinea. Under the supervision of Dr. Hiroji, Peter continues to do seafloor surveys where he “uses multibeam backscatter and investigates ways to assess and improve the positional accuracy of multibeam bathymetry”.

Izzy Wang, Oceanography, Texas A&M University

Izzy is a second-year Oceanography masters student attending Texas A&M University. She is continuing to follow her passion by particpating in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Ocean Acidification Program. The program strives to further assess the risks and impacts of ocean acidification and devise adaption strategies. Izzy explains that she has “really enjoyed working with and learning about physical oceanographic equipment” and hopes to “contribute to innovations in the field”.

Ashley Herrmann, Marine Biology & Marine Fisheries, Texas A&M University Galveston

Ashley is currently attending Texas A&M University Galveston as a duoble major in Marine Biology and Marine Fisheries. She has taken several opportunities for on-campus research including the Black Mangrove Growth and Blenny Jaw Development projects. Ashley recalls a time at the Sea Life Facility where she “cared for many cold stunned sea turtles and took their measurements for the gulf center for sea turtle research facility”. Inspired by her experiences, Ashley hopes to continue her education through a graduate program focusing on environmental studies.

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