Robotics & Automation (R&A)


The objective of the SUT-US Robotics & Automation Committee is to encourage the advance and dissemination of knowledge in those aspects of robotics and automation which affect the design, operation and maintenance of coastal, offshore and underwater structures.

The purpose of the SUT- R&A Committee is three-fold:
  1. To organize and provide outreach, education, training courses, international conferences and workshops/seminars to coastal, offshore and subsea stakeholders.
  2. To communicate and disseminate industry best practices, and knowledge to coastal, offshore and subsea stakeholders.
  3. To be a recognized learned body providing advice on issues within the objectives of the Committee to other organizations and the community at large.
R&A Chair: Faisal Yousef
R&A Vice Chair: Dr. Fathi Ghorbel
R&A Secretary: James Dabney


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