Benefits of Student Membership

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Benefits of Student Membership

  • Forum for networking and communication between members, branch membership, events and specialist groups
  • Technical publications such as: Underwater Technology, the members’ quarterly journal comprising technical papers and reports covering the wide range of marine science and technology interests; more than 40 volumes of conference proceedings in the series Advances in underwater technology, ocean science and offshore engineering
  • Programme of events including an extensive schedule of conferences, seminars, webinars,evening meetings, visits to places of technical interest and training courses
  • Registration to all webinars is free for SUT student members.
  • Substantial discount off all publications, events, and training courses
  • Specialist groups covering: diving and submersibles, scientific diving, underwater robotics, subsea engineering, offshore site investigation, environmental forces and physical oceanography, ocean resources, government liaison, education and training and salvage and decommissioning
  • Subsea Engineering Register of specialists
  • Student sponsorship through the Educational Support Fund scholarship grants
  • Careers information in a pack of fact sheets – Oceans of Opportunity.

Student Membership Requirements

Full Year Membership: July 1st - June 30th

Half Year Membership (1/2 price of pricing listed below): January 1st - June 30th

Student Member $25

Applicants should:

  • be aged over 17 years
  • be intending to be engaged in the field of underwater technology or in a field of engineering, industry, science or teaching connected directly or indirectly with underwater technology
  • be able to provide confirmation of undergoing full–time education.

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