SUT Houston Branch Executive Committee


Current members:

Name Company Voting Status
Tricia Hill NOV (Hon Chair & President)  Voting member
Rodolfo Sancio Geosyntec Consultants ( Hon Treasurer and Training Officer) Voting member
Xiaoyan Long Fugro ( Hon Secretary) Voting member
Maria Ancheril Advantis Certified Staffing Solutions (Member at Large) Voting member
Roger Osborne Ocean Flow International (Member at Large) Voting member
Kim Faulk  GEMS (Member at Large) Voting member
X. Sam Guo Subsea 7 (Member at Large) Voting member
Heather Cousson New Executive Committee Appointee Voting member
Colin Johnston Sea Nation (Member at Large) Voting member
Steven Johnson Chevron Retired (Member at Large) Voting member
Sandra Jakl Wood Plc (Member at Large) Voting member
Zack Westgate OSIG Chair Voting member
Chris McHugh MREC Chair Voting member
Andrew Haigh Ocean Geo Solutions Inc (School Touring Chair) Voting member
Faisal Yousef Consultant (Robotics and Automation Chair)  Voting member
Fathi Ghorbel Rice University (Robotics and Automation ViceChair) Voting member
Patricia Varela Geosyntec Consultants (Young Professionals Chair) Voting member
Mark Siegmund Past SUT Chair (Member at Large) Voting member
Zenon Medina-Cetina Past SUT Chair Voting member
Valeria Gonzalez Romero Texas A&M University (SUT-TAMU Student Chapter Chair) Non-voting member
Charles Stewart Prairie View A&M (SUT-Prairie Student Chapter Chair) Non-voting member
Damilola Abe Education Committee Chair Non-voting member
Paul Jukes (Member at Large) Non-voting member

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