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The SUT-US Women in Industry Subcommittee (WIND) task force was created to cultivate awareness on inclusion, diversity, mentoring and leadership directly from academia and industry professionals. Its goal is to engage men and women equally through the Champagne & Conversation Series, a platform to learn about how the industry has changed over the past years in terms of diversity and inclusion by gathering senior level professionals as well as young professionals from the offshore energy industry, to talk about their experiences and share their experiences and advice for future industry leaders.

Board Members

Tina Drexler
Tina Drexler
Amber Sturrock SUT-US WIND
Amber Sturrock
  Melissa Gould SUT-US WIND
Melissa Gould
Stress Engineering Services
  Kim Faulk SUT-US WIND
Kim Faulk
SUT-US WIND Dianna Phu
Dianna Phu
  Patricia Varela SUT-US WIND
Patricia Varela
Geosyntec Consultants
  Kaci Callahan
Kaci Callahan
Technical Sales Engineer
Donald Burris SUT WIND Board Member
Donald Burris

Luz Zarate
Catalina Maldonado
Catalina Maldonado

Staff Members

Patsy Rhymes SUT-US Staff

Patsy Rhymes
Events Manager
Mariana Diaz
Mariana Diaz
Marketing Editor & Communications

Founding Members

Kim Faulk, Business Development Manager/Sr. Marine Archaeologist, Geoscience Earth & Marine Services (GEMS)
Tricia Hill, Chair, SUT-US Subsea Engineering and Operations Committee
Luz Zarate, Physical Oceanographer, RPS
Patricia Varela, Professional, Geosyntech Consultants
Andy Hill, Global Marine Geohazards Technical Authority, BP

Previous Champagne & Conversation Events

Edition 1. Champagne & Conversation with Geeta Thakorlal, President of Intecsea
June 14, 2018

This networking event aimed to bring together women professionals working in the broad oil and gas industry as an effort to highlight the importance of their contributions in the sector. This was a unique opportunity to meet and interact with other women from the industry, but also to participate in an open discussion with Mrs. Thakorlal.

Sponsors: PennWell, Subsea7, and Chandler Creations

Edition 2. "How It Was, How It Is, and How We Want it to Be"
January 31, 2019

The second edition of the Champagne & Conversations Series was organized in conjunction with the SUT-US Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics Committee (OSIG), hosting four panelists representing different technical backgrounds, generations within the industry, genders, and places of origin. The moderated panel focused on topics curated from the SUT-US membership, and focus on how things have been, how they have changed, and how we can all improve.

The panelists:
  • Luz Zarate, Physical Oceanographer, RPS
  • Andy Hill, Global Marine Geohazards Technical Authority, BP
  • Tricia Hill, Business Development Manager Americas - Drilling and SURF Products, Matrix Composites & Engineering
  • Amber Sturrock, Interface and Risk Engineer, Chevron
  • Heather, Senior Operations Surveyor, Shell
Sponsors: Subsea Tieback Forum & Exhibition, Subsea7, and Chandler Creations

Champagne & Conversation Series

Edition 3. Table Discussions on Mentoring & Diversity
June 27, 2019

This time around the SUT-US Champagne & Conversation Series, we gathered a roster of influential academia and industry leaders with broad experience in mentoring and who are strong advocates of diversity in the oil and gas industry. The event was tailored as table discussions from 2-3 sessions, providing a unique opportunity for direct conversation with the presenters.

The panelists:
  • Cayce Pierce, Human Resource Professional
  • Earl H. Doyle, Retired, Shell
  • Prof. Julie Ingram – Director of Subsea Engineering – Texas A&M University
  • Melissa Gould, Principal, Stress Engineering Services
  • Nancy Chafe, Anadarko, Subsea Engineering Manager
Sponsors: GEMS, Matrix Engineering, Intecsea, Chandler Creations, and Forever You Skin Health

Champagne & Conversation Series

Edition 4. Keynote Lecture by Cindy Yeilding, Senior Vice President for BP America
October 23, 2019

Sponsors: Sify, Chandler Creations, Forever You Skin Health, Subsea Tieback Forum & Exhibition 2020, and Endeavor

Edition 5. "How It Was, How It Is, How We Want It to be - a Male Perspective"
January 23, 2020

The panelists:
  • Amber Sturrock, Strategy and Planning Analyst for the Gulf of Mexico Business Unit, Chevron
  • Chuck Miller, Vice President, Stress Engineering Services
  • Daniel Lanier, President, Geoscience Earth and Marine Services
  • Georgiy Madedonov, Former President, SUT-US Student Chapter at University of Houston
  • Nader Matari, Project Manager, FlexSteel Pipeline Technologies, Inc.
  • Shawn Williamson, Well Project Team Leader, BHP Petroleum
  • Thomas Kolanski, VP Business Development, BW Offshore
Sponsors: Sify eLearning and SumTotal Systems Inc.

Champagne & Conversation Series

Edition 7. "Transferable Skills: From Traditional Oil & Gas to Renewable Energy"
May 26, 2021

The panelists:
  • Shashikant Sarada, WSP USA
  • Cristina Zwissler, Shell
  • Danielle Jensen, Mayflower Wind
  • Dr. Amanda Rico, Rico Editorial Services
  • Steven Johnson, SUT-US
Sponsors: Forever You Skin Health, Chandler Creations, ThroughGood Coffee,Subsea Tieback Forum & Exhibition, Offshore Wind Executive Summit, Deepwater Operations and Topsides, Platforms and Hulls  Conference & Exhibition

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