SUT-US Brings Its School Touring Program to the Largest School District in Houston


By Audrey Guzman & Araceli Lopez-Acosta June 30, 2020
Andrew Haigh SUT-US School Touring Chair
Houston, TX - The School Touring Program is one of the Society for Underwater Technology in the U.S. (SUT-US) largest outreach programs. The School Touring Program reached 530 students at the Salyards Middle School in Cypress, Texas on March 6th, 2020 by the request of the schools’ principal, Mrs. Wood, and STEM instructional specialist Jana Echols. SUT-US was able to bring in a team of valued volunteers to present to 6th graders a session titled “Are We There Yet?,” educating the middle schoolers about both Ocean Science and Space Science and its importance to our planet.

SUT-US greatly appreciates the volunteers that help present these sessions, as they make a great impact on the future leaders of our Society. A special thanks is extended to the following volunteers for committing their time and knowledge: The presentations covered space exploration and how people use the extreme underwater exploration on our home planet to step out and start exploring other liquid worlds in the solar system, including AUV and other robotic technology. This engaging demonstration is a great way to not only inform and educate students, but also a good way to possibly inspire students to continue the Ocean Science or Space Science career path.

Andrew Haigh, SUT-US School Touring Program Chair, explained - “It’s always amazing the support we get from the teachers in middle schools. Bringing scientists into the classroom is a great way for the teachers to demonstrate that real people with real jobs exist and are using the science being taught.”

SUT-US is making efforts to continue bringing the program to schools even with the Covid-19 situation emphasized Mr. Haigh - “The school touring program is looking for additional avenues to continue the outreach program, including online opportunities, and working with science based YouTube outlets to keep bringing the unique science perspective that the SUT-US has to young enquiring minds during these complex educational times.”

SUT-US School Touring Program is regularly looking for volunteers to help present science materials to children from K-12. It is not difficult and anyone with a basic science background can participate and help us inspire students towards a career path in underwater technology. If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering in one of these sessions, contact us here.

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