Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events
Proceeds generated from SUT-US events help support our learning programs.

SUT-US Flow Assurance Course Short Course: Flow Assurance Fundamentals and Emerging Technologies
This 4-hour course presented by Wood Americas will provide an overview of flow assurance, and dive into understanding the fluids, production chemistry challenges, flow regimes, impact of heat transfer, 
other flow assurance systems (i.e., chemical, water injection, gas injection), and leveraging emerging technologies.
Wednesday July 28, 2021: 8:00am-12:00pm (CDT)

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Webinar Offshore Wind in the US Webinar: Offshore Wind in the US - Supply Chain Requirements for a Developing Market
The presentation will cover the current state of affairs for the developing US market including the ambitions and proposed timelines from the different states. Zach Skelton, Business Development Manager for US Renewables at Seaway 7, the renewables business unit of Subsea 7, will present a few reasons on why certain foundation models are being considered in different regions and move towards a review on the state of the supply chain and the developments required to support these projects. Mr. Skelton will also address the major scopes required so that members can determine where they can fit in the supply chain as a solutions provider to the industry. 
Tuesday August 3, 2021: 9:00am-10:00am (CDT)

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Networking Event
Join us for our monthly Networking Event with the SUT-US professional community on August 5th 5pm (CDT) at the Memorial Wine Cellar.
Invite your friends and colleagues to meet and interact with our members, and enjoy a fun evening.
Thursday August 5, 2021: 5:00pm-7:00pm (CDT)

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Subsea Tieback Forum & Exhibition Subsea Tieback Forum & Exhibition
The only event dedicated to the Subsea Tiebacks industry, the Subsea Tieback Forum & Exhibition highlights various industry topics, hand-picked by the industry advisory board, including challenges and solutions associated with global subsea design and operations, new technological innovations, and industry best practices.

Attendees are comprised of various roles, from field supervisors and operations personnel, to engineering staff and executive management. As a closed-forum event, open-dialogue between presenters and attendees is encouraged and remains within the conference walls.
August 31 – Sept 2, 2021
Galvestion, Texas

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Webinar Floating Offshore Wind Turbines Webinar: Floating Offshore Wind Turbines - Comparing Floater Types and Designing Mooring Systems
Floating Wind is a hot topic in the renewable energy industry.  Do you know the differences among floater types such as Semi, Spar, and TLP?  What are their pros and cons?  Do you want to learn how they are moored/anchored in the middle of an ocean?  This technical presentation will give you all the important knowledge about Floating Offshore Wind Turbines (FOWT) and their mooring systems. 
Wednesday September 1, 2021: 9:00am-10:00am (CDT)

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OCEANS 2021 San Diego - Porto OCEANS Conference & Exposition 2021
OCEANS 2021 San Diego - Porto is the event for global marine technologists, engineers, students, government officials, lawyers, and advocates to learn, innovate, and lead in the protection and utilization of the world’s largest natural resource – our Oceans. These industry thought leaders gather for four days to highlight relevant topics and current trends, while creating a community of learners and influencers who consistently advance research, practices, and policies for the marine field.
September 20-23, 2021
In-person at Town & Country San Diego & Virtual 

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Deepwater Operations and Topsides, Platforms & Hulls Conference and Exhibition Deepwater Operations and Topsides, Platforms & Hulls Conference and Exhibition
The Deepwater Operations and Topsides, Platforms & Hulls Conference and Exhibition is a unique co-located event that brings together the offshore industry’s only conference dedicated to the design and construction of topsides, platforms, and hulls for both deep and shallow water development and the event dedicated to deepwater production operations.

Topics and speakers chosen by our industry advisory board, made up of leading operators and supplies, and a closed-forum event, quality content is a top priority and open-dialogue between presenters and attendees is encouraged and remains within the conference walls. An added bonus, in 2020, a third event was added to the co-location, the Offshore Wind Executive Summit.
October 5-7, 2021
Galvestion, Texas

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Offshore Wind Executive Summit Offshore Wind Executive Summit
Bringing together decision makers from wind and offshore oil and gas, the Offshore Wind Executive Summit addresses the technological, commercial, and regulatory challenges of offshore wind development. Wind developers have been leveraging oil and gas technology and services, from fixed and floating foundation design, construction, and installation, to facility operations and maintenance, to enable project development. However, more collaboration is needed to advance the US market.

The Offshore Wind Executive Summit provides the forum to establish new business relationships among the wind and oil and gas industry professionals. As an added bonus, as of 2020, the event is now co-located with the Deepwater Operations and Topsides, Platforms & Hulls Conference and Exhibition
October 5, 2021
Galvestion, Texas

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SUT-US Subsea Awareness Course Subsea Awareness Course
Foundational knowledge for individuals entering the industry and those needing a refresher on operational perspectives and latest technology. The training offers industry professionals a broad introduction to subsea, covering the various sectors, operations and emerging technologies. 
The online course is comprised of 4 sessions held over a 4-week period.

Session 1. October 7, 2021: 8:15am-4:00pm (CDT)
Session 2. October 14, 2021: 8:15am-4:00pm (CDT)
Session 3. October 21, 2021: 8:15am-4:00pm (CDT)
Session 4. October 28, 2021: 8:15am-4:00pm (CDT)

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Events from Other Societies
2021 OTC - Hydrobowl Event
Organized by: The Hydrographic Society of America - Houston Chapter
During OTC Week in Houston, the biggest after-hours event will be THSOA Houston Chapter's first in-person event in 18 months. Don't miss this chance to sponsor, compete, or attend this event.
Registrants will receive bowling, shoes, 2 games (plus warm-up time) and a food buffet with 2 drink tickets. Drink sponsors may increase the number of drink tickets at the event.

Date: August 17, 2021 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: 925 Bunker Hill Rd, Houston, TX 77024
Registration page: http://thsoa.org/event-4321129

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