Promoting A Welcoming Environment, SUT Actively Combats Discrimination and Sexual Harassment


Rachel Holanda// SUT-US// December 5th, 2017
SUT US Pronouncement on Sexual Harrassment
College Station, TX- SUT-US takes action to promote diversity and a gender-inclusive professional community by combating discrimination and sexual harassment.

This past November SUT-US executive member Kim Faulk presented to a Texas A&M University student chapter event, outlining the dynamic factors associated with discrimination and sexual harassment and explaining the impact this behavior has on the work place. Furthermore, she encouraged aspiring STEM students to speak up and redefine the field’s culture, because without diversity it is ultimately STEM fields that suffer.

Many have heard the statistics that STEM fields lack diversity. According to U.S. Department of Commerce 2017 report, women hold less than 25% of STEM jobs, with engineering being the least occupied by women (14%). However, women are not the only sector of society neglected. Non-Hispanic blacks and Hispanics are the least represented ethnic and racial groups within the United States' STEM workforce with each group holding only 6% of STEM jobs, nearly half of their representation in the overall workforce. The various minority groups which hold positions within the field often experience discriminating and demeaning conduct leading to low retention rates and hindered advancement. Nearly 40% of women holding engineering degrees left the field or never enter explained a 2009 study conducted by Romila Singh and Nadya Fouad at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Women engineers leaving the field cited reasons such as incivility, organizational climate, lack of advancement, and low salary.

Considering these factors and the current events surrounding discrimination and sexual harassment, the SUT-US executive board voted to ensure the Society fosters an inclusive, safe, and diverse professional environment. The SUT-US chair and president Dr. Zenon Medina-Cetina followed Mrs. Faulk’s presentation to introduce on behalf of the SUT-US board the following formal statement:
Pronouncement on Sexual Harrassment by Kim Faulk
“SUT- US urges all of its members to educate themselves on the issues surrounding discrimination and sexual harassment in any work place, and take individual and collective actions to identify, prevent, and combat instances of discrimination and sexual harassment where ever they find it.

These steps may include:
  • Clearly explaining to all members prior to engaging in a SUT related activity, including, but not limited to students, faculty, employees, and staff, the expectations and policy governing discrimination and sexual harassment.
  • Adopting a policy to formally and informally address and confirm allegations of discrimination and sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviors in work and educational environments.
  • Consciously setting a standard and expectation of appropriate behavior in oneself and in others regardless of the setting or situation.
  • Proactively addressing any instances of potential discrimination and sexual harassment – whether directed at oneself or another individual.
  • SUT-US seeks to be a diverse and welcoming society to all of our members.
  • SUT-US will not tolerate discrimination against any member based on race, color, national origin, ethnicity, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, veteran status, or any other criteria.
  • SUT-US is an anti-discriminatory society who expects its members to treat one another with respect and dignity.
  • Any member who feels they have been the victim of discrimination or sexual harassment at an SUT sponsored event may inform the SUT-US Chair, or another member of the SUT Executive Board without fear of retaliation.”
This information is publicly stated on our website and may be accessed at any timeIf you would like to share your thoughts, you can contact us at

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