SUT-US Champagne & Conversation Series Edition 6


By Audrey Guzman & Araceli Lopez-Acosta June 30, 2020
SUT-US Champagne & COnversation Series Edition 6
The SUT-US Women in Industry Subcommittee (WIND) presented their sixth edition of the Champagne & Conversation Series featuring Denise Hamilton, Founder and CEO of WatchHerWork, Bill Solley and Kim Prevost, Musicians of Fingerstyle Jazz. Although with the current limitations caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, SUT-US was able to successfully conduct this event online. Bill Solley was accompanied by Kim Prevost amusing the audience with uplifting virtual live jazz music, and setting the event’s mood while attendees were enjoying their favorite drinks from their locations. They are a very impressive and talented duo who have a big passion for music who were able to provide music before and after the workshop.  

SUT-US would like to give a special thank you to Marybeth Burguess, Director of SIFY elearning, for moderating the discussion for this event. Denise Hamilton is a nationally recognized diversity and inclusion leader, who also specializes in ally training.

SUT-US and Mrs. Hamilton share the same goals which are to empower individuals to become better in their professional careers. She uses her platform to encourage women to reach for their goals in any environment. With the presentation “Master Yourself - Master the World,”

Denise gave relatable and actionable advice by sharing her personal experience in the business world as well as some tips and tricks she has learned over the years. She shared 10 out of over 200 tips that she created for motivating individuals: 
  • Don't believe everything you think 
  • Don't ask amateurs about expert advice 
  • Learn to take a punch 
  • Channel your inner J-Lo 
  • Let yourself be a beginner 
  • Reduce friction 
  • Fight homeostasis 
  • Tell your own story 
  • Don't settle for pickle juice 
  • Stop chewing, and swallow  
Bill worked the melody on his 7-string guitar while Kim sang by his side. Their music was enjoyed by the audience. The audience was able to request their favorite songs such as My Funny Valentine and more! 

WIND greatly recognizes the support of Intecsea, Sify, Red Lion Pub, Chandler Creations, and Forever You Skin Health for sponsoring the 6th Edition of the Champagne & Conversation Series. Their support was essential to the organization of this event.  Who would you like to hear speak at the next Champagne & Conversation Series Edition 7? What topics do you think are important to address?

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