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Join us for a 1-day workshop to learn about the National Academy of Sciences, Gulf Research Program to Understand the Gulf of Mexico Ocean System (UGOS).

The UGOS Program seeks to support activities that will supply new observations, analyses, and modeling needed to advance our understanding of Loop Current dynamics for the purpose of improving predictive skills of the Loop Current and associated eddies, referred to as the Loop Current System (LCS).

This workshop will focus on the first Phase, UGOS-1, an initial 2-year research campaign aimed at improving understanding and prediction skills of the LCS, which will be followed by a decadal program. Workshop presenters will include many of the recipients of UGOS-1 Grants.

Workshop agenda:
  • Introduction to the UGOS Program and future opportunities - Kelly Oskvig (Program Officer, Gulf Research Program).
  • Taking the Pulse of the West Florida Shelf at a Hypothesized Loop Current Control Point - Bob Weisberg (University of South Florida).
  • Autonomously observing density structure and deep velocities in the Loop Current - Heather Furey (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution).
  • The making of a successful industry/research collaboration to extend the understanding of the Loop Current Eddy system - Pak Leung (Shell), Marcus Ogle (Fugro).
  • Loop Current Observations from High Frequency Radar Across the Yucatan Strait, Dry Tortugas and Lower Keys - Scott Glenn (Rutgers University).
  • Extending the range of High Frequency Radar Systems by installations on offshore platforms - Ruth Perry (Shell).
  • Numerical Modelling and forecasting of the Loop Current - Ruoying He (North Carolina State University).
  • Serving observational data to the UGOS scientific community - Jan van Smirren (GCOOS).
  • Leveraging BSEE NTL Data into the UGOS program - Rafael Ramos (WHG-CLS).
  • Panel Session (with a focus on collaboration between oceanographic community and the energy industry).

NAS-UGOS Initiative


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