School Touring Committee


Volunteer for our School Touring Program and help us bring science subjects and scientists to classrooms across the Greater Houston area. 

School Touring Modules
Ocean Science
Seeing with Sound - Exploring the oceans and seas
  • STEM highlights: Exploration, discovery, ocean science, acoustic waves, remote sensing, physics, math, robotics, environmental, oceanography, marine biology, marine archaeology, history, career opportunities. Includes a historic ship wreck mapping exercise.
  • Taught by Marine Geophysicists, Ocean Scientists, Geotechnical Engineers, Marine Archaeologists, Marine Project Managers
Design or Destroy – Engineering for the ocean
  • STEM highlights: Coastal defense, surface and sub-surface engineering design, hard and soft engineering, detailed design, case histories, robotics, physics, math, chemistry, career opportunities
  • Taught by Marine Geophysicists, Oceanic Engineers

Roving Robots – Underwater Robotics
  • STEM highlights: Engineering design, exploration, physics, case histories, robotics, physics, math, discovery, leading edge science, out of this world possibilities, career opportunities
  • Taught by Marine Geophysicists, Oceanic Engineers

Earth Science
Geology Rocks
  • STEM highlights: Geology, seismicity, volcanics, mineralogy, chemistry, physics, paleontology, career opportunities. Includes video and interactive discussion of the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami
  • Taught by Geologists, Civil Engineers, Earth Scientists, Archaeologists

Space Science
Are We There Yet? – A journey across the universe in 40min
  • STEM highlights – Math, physics, astronomy, robotics, conceptualizing space, history, future vision, career opportunities
  • Taught by Interplanetary Geologists, Earth Scientists, Astronomers

Upcoming Events

March 6, 2020
Are We There Yet?, Salyards Middle School in NW Houston (looking for 4 or 5 full or half day volunteers)

Main point of contact
Andrew Haigh, School Touring Committee Chair

Geophysical Manager, Ocean Geo Solutions Inc

Main: 713 481 4630
Direct: 713 481 4636

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