School Touring

Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics (OSIG)

Offshore Site Investigation and GeotechnicsThe objective of this Sub-committee is to increase community outreach aiming to provide knowledge in areas of OSIG remit.

The Sub-committee is reaching out to schools and museums. OSIG members and volunteers serve as guest instructors presenting offshore science classes to students at Elementary schools, Junior schools, Middle schools, and High Schools.

Subcommittee Members
- Chair, Andrew Haigh
- Member, Kim Faulk
- Member, Alan Foley
- Member, Francisco Hernandez
- Member, Jim Collins
- Member, Andy Hill
- Member, Dan Lanier
- Member, Amanda Evans
- Member, Dan McConnell
- Member, Logan Brant
- Member, Shawn Williamson

Are you interested in volunteering for our School Touring Program? 

Fill in our contact form here or get in touch with Andrew Haigh, School Touring Committee Chair:

Main: 713 481 4630
Direct: 713 481 4636
Mobile: 713 823 4840


Click here to view our calendar of activities for the Spring 2017.

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School Touring Program at Opal Hamilton Middle SchoolSchool Touring Program at Opal Hamilton Middle School

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