Integrated Jack-up Rig Foundation Issues

Starts: Wed, Oct 20, 2021 8:00 AM CST
Ends: Wed, Oct 20, 2021 10:00 AM CST
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Result of a punch-through off Sarawak (2021)
Result of a punch-through off Sarawak (2021).

The Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics Committee (OSIG) of the Society for Underwater Technology in the US (SUT-US) in collaboration with the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC), is pleased to invite you to a webinar session titled "Integrated Jack-up Rig Foundation Issues."

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Webinar Session Program:
8:00AM CDT SUT-US Introduction
Speaker: Mr. Jack Templeton, SAGE USA, Inc.
8:05AM CDT IADC Introduction
Speaker: Mr. Mike DuBose, International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC)
8:10AM CDT Accident Record
Speaker: Mr. Bob Jack, DNV, Noble Denton Marine Services

This presentation sets the scene for the webinar.  It shows how foundation accidents fit into the overall jack-up accident regime and how they have changed with time to become one of the major causes of losses and deaths on jack-ups and lift boats. The causes and possible ways to reduce  their effects are suggested. The relationship with jacking system failures, which tend to have very similar results is explored.
8:30AM CDT Geophysical Site Evaluation
Speaker: Mr. Andy Hill, BP

Geophysical site investigation of jack-up rig sites is critical to the overall safety of drilling operations. Selection of the appropriate tools to be able to define seabed and foundation zone conditions needs careful thought to deliver appropriate imagery on a site specific basis. Choice of shallow profiling equipment especially needs careful thought to  ensure imaging to an appropriate depth below seabed to define the potential soil stratigraphy and avoid features, such as buried channels, ahead of subsequent geotechnical borehole evaluation. Inappropriate imaging may lead to late surprises and a need to move location late in the well design process or unforeseen conditions leading to variable leg penetration or punch through.
8:50AM CDT Geotechnical Assessments
Speaker: Mr. David Menzies, Matthews Daniel

- Jack-Up Rigs
- Data for Assessment
- Methods of Analyses
- Problem Soil Conditions
- Foundation Risk Management
- Foundation Case Histories
9:10AM CDT Mechanical Aspects
Speaker: Mr. Mike Dowdy, OE Consulting, LLC

- Punch-thru load case
- Leg & jacking system design evolution has increased consequences of punch-thru
- Some Jacking system control technology has improved ability to monitor and recover RPD
- Immediate response actions
- Dumping preload rapidly - better dumping systems 
- Jacking during the event can make things worse
- Designers should include nominal punch-thru load cases in leg design and specify RPD and/or punch-thru elastic limits
- Deep penetration leg pulling is another critical load case
9:30AM CDT Panel Q&A Session
Speakers: Mr. Jack Templeton, SAGE USA, Inc.
10:00AM CDT Closing
Speakers: Mr. Kerry Campbell, Consultant

About the Presenters

Bob Jack, MA, C Eng, MICE, DNV Noble Denton marine services

Bob Jack obtained a degree in Mechanical Sciences at Cambridge in 1964 and qualified as a Chartered Civil Engineer in 1968.  He worked for Delong Wimpey in Bahrain in 1969-70 and became Barge Superintendent (OIM) of an 8-leg offshore construction barge on projects in the Arabian Gulf.  From 1970 he worked around the world for various companies in the Noble Denton group and has attended over 100 jack-up moves as marine Warranty Surveyor and/or Towmaster. He has maintained databases on offshore accidents and offshore vessels and done many risk analyses. He has also been a member of the Noble Denton marine services Technical Standards Committee (previously Technical Policy Board) responsible for setting and promulgating technical standards around the group.

Andrew Hill, Technical Authority for Marine Geohazards, BP

Andy W. Hill is the Engineering Technical Authority for Marine Geohazards for BP. He is currently Chair of the OSIG Houston Committee, having been the founder of the committee in 2007.  He has been a member of the UK equivalent committee since 1990. He was made a Fellow of the SUT in 2020. He has 38 years of experience in Geophysical Site Investigation, the last 32 with BP. In 1997 he championed the introduction of AUVs into deep water site investigation triggering a step change in deliver after their introduction in 2000-01. He has worked on projects globally and introduced or championed some of the most significant developments in geophysical site investigation. He has published widely on the subject and been director or contributor to numerous industry documents.

David Menzies, Head Geotechnical Group, MatthewsDaniel

David “Dave” Menzies is the Head of the MatthewsDaniel Geotechnical group and holds Bachelor of Science (BS) and Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MSCE) degrees from the University of Houston. He is licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in the state of Texas and has a Society of Offshore Marine Warranty Surveyors (SOMWS) accreditation. He worked for Fugro-McClelland Marine Geoscience for 25 years and was responsible for soilacquisition, laboratory testing, interpretation, in situ monitoring programs and analyses of all types of foundation design and performance evaluations. While working at Fugro he was the engineer of record for more than 2000 studies. As Head of the MatthewsDaniel geotechnical group he supports the jack-up rig location, marine project, and loss groups. With more than 34 years of offshore experience, Dave is an industry recognized expert in the interpretation of soil conditions and jack-up rig spudcan penetration analyses. He has worked in most offshore international regions with different types of soil conditions and all types of jack-up rigs. Dave is a member of ISO 19905 jack-up rig committees and secretary for the Panel 1 committee. He is a long-time member of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the Marine Technology Society (MTS). He has authored publications that discuss soil characterization and jack-up performance.

Michael Dowdy, Ocean Engineer/Marine Vessels & Structures, Retired Offshore Drilling Executive, President OE Consulting, LLC 

Michael Dowdy earned a BS in Ocean Engineering from Texas A&M University in 1983 before joining Diamond Offshore as Project Engineer and subsequently Senior Engineer and Engineering Manager. In 1995 he joined LeTourneau as Chief Engineer, Marine Group and led the design, regulatory approval and construction support team for Super Gorilla, Tarzan, Super 116/116E, and 240C class jack-ups. Michael moved to Rowan, LeTourneau’s parent company, in 2006 as VP Engineering accountable for fleet technical support and project management, including an eleven jack-up newbuild program from 2006-2011. His role at Rowan evolved to VP Operations Support from which he retired in late 2019. Michael served as Chairman SNAME OC-7 2000-2009, member of several ISO WG7 19905-1 author Panels from 2000-2010, Chairman IADC Jack-up Committee 2012-2019, API CSOEM Member 2013-2019, and API DPOS Member 2012-2019. He is currently a member of the ABS Class Committee and several ABS technical committees. In 2019, Michael founded OE Consulting, LLC and serves as President and Managing Member.

J. S. Templeton, President, SAGE USA, Inc.

Jack Templeton is currently President of SAGE USA, Inc.  He is a P.E., a Fellow of the ASCE and a Dr. of Engineering graduate of Tulane University and an Ocean Engineering Diplomate of the ASCE COPRI Institute. Jack’s work on Jack-up rigs began in the 1980s at Exxon Production Research with service as a representative to the joint industry study that generated the core basis of the foundation provisions in the current International Standard for jack-up rig assessment.  In the decades since, he has continued with extensive research, publication and consulting and in this area.  Presently he is active on the ISO Jack-up Foundation and Earthquake Panels. 

Kerry J. Campbell, Consultant

Kerry J. Campbell retired in 2020 as a Principal Consultant with Fugro. Mr. Campbell has some 46 years of worldwide experience with ground modeling, integrated characterization, and geohazards assessment of offshore drilling and production-structure sites. He helped pioneer the use of 3-D exploration seismic data for geohazards and engineering applications and is a co-developer of the AUV 3-D micro survey methodology used for detailed characterization of deepwater sites. Mr. Campbell has given countless technical presentations and is the author or co-author of some 50 publications on marine engineering geology and geophysics, and marine geohazards. He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in geology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and is a licensed Professional Geoscientist in Texas, and a Certified Professional Geologist. Prior to Fugro, Mr. Campbell held various positions as a geoscientist with: McClelland Engineers, BBN Geomarine Services Co., D’Appolonia Consulting Engineers, Geophysical Survey Systems, and the U.S. Geological Survey

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